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Looking some authentic local food in downtown Philipsburg? We've got that and cold, exotic local fruit juices just one short block off the hustle and bustle of Front Street at 50 Back Street near the head of town. Take a stroll down Pastoriesteeg (which runs between Majesty Jewelers and Liz Claiborn) past the Catholic Rectory to the Philipsburg Community and Cultural Center.

We're open for breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday. Tuesday through Thursday we do happy hour with half price drinks from 5PM to 7PM and serve authentic island dishes until 10PM. On Friday and Saturday we repeat the happy hour and snacks and small plates are available until 10PM.


  We have a full bar (below) and feature healthful fresh vegetable and fruit drinks. On the right is a tasty carrot and orange juice cocktail with a hint of cane sugar, all natural, all healthful. Lunch plates feature a vegetarian or meat main course with rice and peas and one side. The price is about $8, depending on the main course. Extra sides (and we have several that you will want to try) are $3. Main courses and sides change with market availability and the whim of the chef, but you can count on a vegetarian course, some fish, and some chicken. Hot sauce is free but the antidote (an ice cold Presidente) costs $2. Below in the center is a poetry reading. On the right is a shot from the fantastic Créole buffet that we produce on the last Thursday of every month. Call 522 9927 for reservations.   Carrot and orange juice

  Our dining area Our dining area Our dining area  
  Lasagne   On the left is vegetarian lasagne with with shredded soy, eggplant, shredded pumpkin, tomato sauce, cheese, and even more vegetables. It comes with garlic bread and a salad. We have soft drinks, lots of exotic fruit drinks, various local teas, and a few beers to keep you cool.   Centerpiece  

On the left is the pork chop plate with sweet potato, squash and spinach; mixed vegetables (brocolli, cauliflower, and carrots); and provision (yucca and green banana). In the center is a tasty jerk chicken with mixed vegetables, rice and peas, and potato salad. On the right is a baked chicken in a tasty Créole sauce with rice, peas, and carrots, (add some of our home-made hot sauce), mixed vegetables, a potato salad.
Pork chop Jerk Chicken Chicken

Below is the jerked chicken plate with with beans and rice, stuffed christophine, and green salad, a Mahi Créole with rice and beans, a banana salad, plantains, and mixed veg. On the right is the band playing on a Saturday afternoon (apologies to the bass player out of the frame to the right).


Congratulations! You've rented a lovely villa to start your dream vacation on St Martin. The villa is wonderful, the view is fabulous, but what's for breakfast? We solve this problem, and sort out lunch, dinner, large parties, and entertainment through a variety of services. You can have great local cuisine in the privacy of your own villa. Sheika's Personal Chef Service can arrange a Caribbean ambiance of colors, aromas, and flavors all working together to awaken your senses. We provide modern as well as authentic, old-fashioned food and desserts that are a rare find in regular restaurants.


  Full table   Our services include gourmet breakfast, lunch, or dinners featuring multiple courses prepared in your home with full service, local decorations, and cleanup. We can also provide a more economical cooking service where you choose a simpler meal and have a cook prepare it at your home (four day minimum required). We also prepare a Tuesday evening buffet featuring several island cuisines and cultures. Thursday evening features a Sint Maarten Buffet with authentic local food and island costumes.


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